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Where do I work?

I joined the Stirk Medical Group in October 2000 and have gradually increased the role that I have at the practice. The Stirk Medical Group now operates from 3 sites, one in Kalamunda and two in High Wycombe. The practice has 14 GPs working at the three locations. We have a team of 8 part time nurses, a practice manager and mor than 10 receptionists. 3 GP Registrars also currently work at the practice. The practice is fully computerised with PractiX clinical software.

The practice is in an Outer Metro location, in the Hills to the East of Perth. Being classed as an area of Workforce Shortage and Unmet Need, has meant that International Medical Graduates have been employed at the practice. Doctors at the surgery have admitting rights to the Kalamunda District Community Hospital. Minor Operations, Medicals and a full range of GP services are carried out at the practice. The practice is firmly committed to training, with GP registrars, PGPPP doctors and medical students. I now work as the Medical Director of the practice with responsibilities for all aspect of practice management, information technology and future expansion planning.

I am one of the GP Registrar Supervisors, responsible for the training of our GP Registrars and PGPPP doctors. I also perform ECT visits to other GP registrars training at various practices across West Australia. ECT Visitors (External Clinical Teacher) enable GP Registrars to have input into their education and training from other GPs, than their own Supervisior. (www.wagpet.com.au) We have Medical Students regularly attached to the practice and we are also involved with the Prevocational General Practice Placement Program (PGPPP).

I have been involved in the GP training program (locally this is WAGPET West Australian General Practice Education and Training) for some years, initially as a GP Supervisor, then as a Regional Training Advisor and currently as the Supervisor Liason Officer, for the Perth Outer Metropolitan Area of WAGPET.

Being the owner of a large, private and independant practice, I am acutely aware of the challenges that face practice owners. Like other practice owners I have had to adapt and change the manner of clinical service delivery to meet the needs of our patients, particularly when Medicare and government changes are introduced. I have struggled in the past with recruitment of doctors, have been involved in training both GP Registrars, PGPPP doctors and also Medical Students. I am very aware of the time commitment and financial issues that surround the desire to be a training practice and to be involved in medical student education. Employing staff, dealing with varying patient expectations and coping with the 'small business' stresses, means that I can bring a very 'hands on' or 'coal face', perspective to the RACGP College Presidency.

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Dr Michael S Civil. RACGP number: 530636. Stirk Medical Group, 8 Canning Road, Kalamunda, WA 6076