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The Stirk Medical Group, where I have worked for the past 11 years, works in a paperless fashion, using Broadband technology to connect the three surgeries. We download pathology and radiology results, receive some specialist letters directly into the clinical software and scan in any paper based correspondence. Administrative staff book appointments, deal with accounts, etc, all through the PractiX software package. There is Internet access on every doctors’ desk and we have our own website. The website was designed and is maintained by myself. Although getting a little ‘dated’ in appearance, it is functionally effective and is a useful adjunct for patients seeking information relating to the practice.

www. stirkmedicalgroup.com

I have completed a Graduate Diploma in Computing Studies. I believe that the area of computers in health delivery systems is vital and will be a challenging aspect of the delivery of health care, in the years to come. This ongoing interest has seen me ‘put my hand up’ for involvement in any of the RACGP and profession activities, relating to the ehealth sector.

More recently I have become involved in the Telehealth arena, initially at the RACGP, and then (more practically) with the Stirk Medical Group's use of video consultations for patients at our practice. Having been involved in the ehealth Working Group at the RACGP and also the National Standing Committee for Standards for General Practice, I was asked to Chair the Telehealth Taskforce, at the RACGP. This Taskforce was commissioned to produce Clinical Standards for those practices wishing to offer video consultations. These Clinical Standards were released at the RACGP GP11 Conference, in October 2011, in Hobart. I was also involved with the production of the RACGP Telehealth Implementation Guidelines.

With the increasing cost of health care delivery, world wide, and our own National Health Reform agenda, there is little doubt that to address some of these challenges, there is going to have to be greater use and availability of ehealth and telehealth technologies. How these technologies integrate with the work that we do in general practice and the recognition of the pivotal role that GPs have in this whole process, I see as one of the most important challenges for any of our profession's leaders, particularly the President of the RACGP.

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Dr Michael S Civil. RACGP number: 530636. Stirk Medical Group, 8 Canning Road, Kalamunda, WA 6076