Dr Mike Civil - RACGP Presidential Nomination 2012


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When considering and imagining what my career might become, as I moved from being a Medical Student, to a junior doctor, and then to my chosen speciality in medicine, I could visualise many things. The ability to help a wide variety of patients, to help local communities, to become part of that community as a respected source of advice and guidance, the ability to meet many different medical challenges, these all formed part of my overall picture. Little did I realise that many years later, I could achieve many of these objectives by becoming a General Practitioner, working in a rural location, in Australia.

Rural General Practice is my version of an "ideal GP", having worked in a rural area for a number of years, I feel great pride in the fact that I was able to experience this ideal. Other family concerns and issues, lead me to move back to a city lifestyle, after 6 years, but I like to think that I will return to the country in some capacity, in the future. There are many challenges that face those that wish to work in the country, but the rewards are great for those that can be 'enabled' and helped along the way. The RACGP and the National Rural Faculty's role in facilitating this, can never be underestimated. Our rural colleagues will always require extra resources and support from the College, for many reasons, not least the great distances that Australians cover. This support and encouragement will always remain high on my desired agenda.

I have not only worked in a rural location, but have tried to keep my ties to the country, with a number of my AGPAL accreditation visits occurring in rural West Australia and my keen involvement with the RACGP's part of the Remote Health Standards work. I have also maintained connections with the Aboriginal Medical Services, again through Accreditation and my involvement in educational events, to help practices address issues raised by the process of going through accreditation.

I have also become involved in the Rural Heatlh West Telehealth Advisory Group and presented at their annual conference, earlier this year.

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Dr Michael S Civil. RACGP number: 530636. Stirk Medical Group, 8 Canning Road, Kalamunda, WA 6076