Dr Mike Civil - RACGP Presidential Nomination 2012


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I have been involved in Standards and Accreditation for some time now. Initially I trained as an AGPAL surveyor, when working in Kalgoorlie. I have now been a Surveyor with AGPAL for some 13 years. AGPAL is the accreditation body in Australia for General Practice. I have done around 380 visits to general practices across Western Australia, many of them have been visited by myself through 2 or 3 cycles of accreditation. I have also been involved in the Surveyor Training Program at AGPAL. I have done a number of Accreditation visits to Aboriginal Medical Services. These include visits to Kununurra, Kalgoorlie, South Hedland and Carnarvon.

My experience, in the process of Accreditation, lead to me being nominated to join the National Expert Committee for Standards in General Practice, in 2007. This committee is charged with overseeing the development of the Standards for General Practice. The Expert Committee became a permanent National Standing Committee in 2011 cementing the RACGPs ongoing commitment to quality and safety in general practice care delivery, with ongoing review and development of our College GP standards. I was a member of the Committee during the development of the 4th Edition Standards, that were released in 2010, and became Chair of the Committee in 2011.

The RACGP Standards are highly regarded both Nationally and Internationally and the College has been approached by external stakeholders and has had significant input into the development of standards in many areas, including:
  • RACGP Standards for Health Services in Australian prisons
  • RACGP Standards for Health Services in Immigration and Detention Centres
  • Remote Health Services Standards
  • RACGP Standards for Australian Defence Force Garrison Health Services
Standards will always be one of the cornerstones, of the RACGP and it will continue to be a real honour and privilege to work in this important part of one of the key College objectives and philosophies. I will continue to remain committed to this area of the profession, particularly working with those stakeholders that help every day general practices, achieve the quality and safety that is reflected in our Standards.

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Dr Michael S Civil. RACGP number: 530636. Stirk Medical Group, 8 Canning Road, Kalamunda, WA 6076