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GP Training and Junior Doctor Training in General Practice

Training and on going post graduate education has long been a fundamental objective of the RACGP. How this is carried out and delivered to those doctors choosing to follow a career in general practice, will always be of paramount importance to the RACGP and everything that the College stands for. We have increasing numbers of Medical Students graduating from Medical Schools around the country and how these young doctors are nurtured and encouraged in their differing medical careers, will be an important priority for all specialities, but particularly those wishing to become GPs.

Making a decision to become a Training Practice and to become involved in the education of junior doctors is not always an easy one. There are time considerations, workload, workflow and overall capacity at the practice to be considered. There are significant financial considerations that have to be addressed. Ensuring that doctors going through a training program, whether it is an attachment to a practice for a few weeks or months, have appropriate supervision and mentoring is vital. Being able to give trainee doctors, whether at Registrar or RMO level, time and support, will effect the Supervisors workload and ability to generate income for their practice and self. Those that decide to embark on becoming a Trainer, Supervisor or Mentor, too other doctors, would rarely do so for financial reasons. They are generally driven by a desire to return something to their profession, a willingness to teach and have contact with newly qualified doctors or for more altruistic reasons. But, at the end of the day, some of those financial considerations can not be ignored.

It is of paramount importance that our GP Training Programs continue to offer high quality education and support to doctors. It is equally important that doctors are nurtured and mentored through the whole training process. General Practice is a hugely diverse speciality, with vast scope and depth. But, equally it is one of the most rewarding branches of medicine to follow.

Training and Education will always be a high priority to me, personally, having been a Supervisor to both GP Registrars, PGPPP doctors and Medical Students. I have no doubt as to the rewards that come with teaching and will always encourage and support those who wish to have a role in this space.

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Dr Michael S Civil. RACGP number: 530636. Stirk Medical Group, 8 Canning Road, Kalamunda, WA 6076